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20 Gifts Of Christmas for Middlesbrough Carers!

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Over the next 8 weeks we will select unpaid carers living in Middlesbrough* to receive a special 1 off gift!

Each carer choosen will receive a gift or collection of gifts worth between ยฃ50 - ยฃ300!

๐ŸŽ ๐ŸŽ„ 1st Gift Revealed at 2pm tomorrow! ๐ŸŽ„

Carers often think of others before meeting their own needs, ensuring the person they care for has what they need. For the many carers living in complex situations; they maybe looking after more than 1 person, have a disability or mental health condition themselves, accessing support can be very difficult.

From Research over the last 8 months we found carers who donโ€™t have beds, floors without carpet, peeling paint, broken or very small washing machines; damp from daily washing of bedding, medical supplies stacked high in every space space in the house posing a fire risk. We found carers unable to keep up with household cleaning and maintenance; absence of fire alarms; missing or inadequate lighting, broken electrical sockets, faulty doors, missing curtains; cracked windows and many beds with very thin duvets or without duvet covers & sheets.

Quite often, the issues faced where faced by carers, whoโ€™s bedrooms and living space was often the rooms that hadnโ€™t been maintained or where there was no furniture.

We have found that many carers struggle to trust processes and services in place. That many carers struggle to access services due to their own mental health or disability. We have found that some carers are fearful of services, fearful that if help with care is requested that they will lose their home, their loved one will be put into a care home or that they will be made to pay for their care. This means that even if in theory they are entitled to help and support, they arenโ€™t going to navigate the systems and deal with official agencies to access what they need.

Embarrassment, Privacy and Fear were main factors to not accessing support.

Through our many past projects over the last 5 years my Pip Disabled Mum has a huge database of families. Through the many public projects the trust has grown, families know we are here to help, and the Pip Disabled Mum community online is growing day by day. Families taking part in our optional online village, make friends, give and receive support and take part in many other private activities and giveaways.

(All Volunteers, donating 90minutes or more of their time weekly receive a free website membership. )

Thanks to Teesside Community Action Group, and a Generous Grant from Middlesbrough Council, this Christmas we can make a huge difference to the lives of local carers!

*Open to carers who live in an area covered by Middlesborough Council.

(We are contacting other local Charities to ask if they would sponsor a gift so we can help unpaid carers living in the wider Tees Valley Area)

Sorry itโ€™s been awhile since I posted, Iโ€™ve been so busy with small projects, helping families and finishing off the Pip Disabled Mum Online Village that I havenโ€™t had time to post on social media. Writing posts takes so much time, which takes me away from helping families, however, due to securing some Christmas project grants, Iโ€™ll be sharing what we are doing over the next 2 months! #middlesbrough #support #careforcarers #unpaidcarers #lovemiddlesbrough #careforcaregivers #Christmas #christmasiscoming #santaclaus #Middlesbrough

Teesside Community Action Middlesbrough Borough Council

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Kirsty Gorton
Kirsty Gorton
Nov 06, 2023

How can I nominate a career

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