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Complex Care - Personal Assistant

Middlesbrough (TS5) - £16 per hour

Personal Assistant Wanted
Average 15 Hours Per Week

 Yellow Position Available from April 2023
£16 per hour

We are looking for competent personal care assistants to support a disabled mother and her 5 year old son in her everyday life.
If you are a compassionate, positive person who isn't afraid to work hard, can think outside the box, is kind, caring and patient, then this may be the job for you!
Experience in housekeeping tasks, caring and/or neurodiversity will make you a strong candidate, however is not essential.
First Aid, Medication Administration and other relevant training can be provided for the right applicant.

Duties and Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
- Ensure medication and supplements are given on time.
- Support with personal care.
- Help prepare and/or cook meals.
- Help with shopping, ordering of medical supplies and Medication..
- Work as a team to keep home tidy and well maintained.
- Household housekeeping, laundry & cleaning.
- Providing emotional support.
- Assist with gardening  tasks.
- Act quickly and responsibly in cases of emergency.
Inform Team Leader about uncommon events, and report any issues in a timely manor.
- Driving clients wheelchair accessible vehicle.
- Assisting client to attend medical appointments, go on day trips and/or work.
- Any other task requested by client, clients husband or Care Team Leader.

Requirements & Skills:
- Experience in caring, professionally or personally.
- Able to do housework & cooking.
- Well organised & reliable
- Excellent communication in English 
- Has people skills.
- Positive and Compassionate.
- Has a clean UK driving licence.
What is a personal care assistant?
A personal care assistant helps their client live a fulfilling independent life within their community. Offering support to volunteer, parent and work. A personal care assistant may help with personal care, like bathing, dressing, tidying the home, collecting and sorting medications, administering medication, shopping, cooking meals and deep cleaning.
What makes a good personal care assistant?
A good personal care assistant is a compassionate, supportive and well rounded individual. Maintaining reliability and organisation is also vital. These traits are imperative to provide the necessary support and comfort to a disabled client. 

The role is a self employed position.

Complex Care Personal Assistant

To apply for this position, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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