Complex Care - Personal Assistant

Middlesbrough (TS5) - £16 per hour

Personal Assistant Wanted
Average 15 Hours Per Week

3 Positions Available - Yellow, Blue and Orange.

We are looking for competent personal care assistants to support a disabled mother and her 4 year old son in her everyday life.
If you are a compassionate, positive person who isn't afraid to work hard, can think outside the box, is kind, caring and patient, then this may be the job for you!
Experience in housekeeping tasks, caring and/or neurodiversity will make you a strong candidate, however is not essential.
First Aid, Medication Administration and other relevant training can be provided for the right applicant.

Duties and Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
- Ensure medication and supplements are given on time.
- Support with personal care.
- Help prepare and/or cook meals.
- Help with shopping, ordering of medical supplies and Medication..
- Work as a team to keep home tidy and well maintained.
- Household housekeeping, laundry & cleaning.
- Providing emotional support.
- Assist with gardening  tasks.
- Act quickly and responsibly in cases of emergency.
Inform Team Leader about uncommon events, and report any issues in a timely manor.
- Driving clients wheelchair accessible vehicle.
- Assisting client to attend medical appointments, go on day trips and/or work.
- Any other task requested by client, clients husband or Care Team Leader.

Requirements & Skills:
- Experience in caring, professionally or personally.
- Able to do housework & cooking.
- Well organised & reliable
- Excellent communication in English 
- Has people skills.
- Positive and Compassionate.
- Has a clean UK driving licence.
What is a personal care assistant?
A personal care assistant helps their client live a fulfilling independent life within their community. Offering support to volunteer, parent and work. A personal care assistant may help with personal care, like bathing, dressing, tidying the home, collecting and sorting medications, administering medication, shopping, cooking meals and deep cleaning.
What makes a good personal care assistant?
A good personal care assistant is a compassionate, supportive and well rounded individual. Maintaining reliability and organisation is also vital. These traits are imperative to provide the necessary support and comfort to a disabled client. 

The role is a self employed position.

Complex Care Personal Assistant

To apply for this position, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Complex Care - Personal Assistant

Complex Care Personal Assistants
Part time and full time positions available!

Rate of Pay: £14 - £15.50 per hour 

Location: Barnsley S73


(Candidates start on £14, moving to £15.50ph when Training is signed off)


Main terms:

60 day probation period

Carers work to a rota. 


20 Days holiday + Bank Holidays + Birthday 

Pension plan. 


Role overview:

To support a bright and cheeky young boy and his family as a whole. Some PA’s work nights, some daytimes, one works a weekend and some do a mix of days, nights and weekends. Night time support is waking/working nights as the child often needs support through the night, requires suctioning overnight, 20 minute checks and 2 hourly turns. Night Support is always 2 to 1 this also allows for preparation for the morning and/or cleaning or play areas, with day time staff working 2 to 1 with another staff member or with an adult family member. All moving and handling is 2 to 1.


About the client (D):

D is a very loving and kind natured boy who has a complex genetic disorder called Mitochondrial Disease often referred to as Mito. As a consequence of his condition he has neurodevelopmental delay, is tube fed via PEG-J, and is pre-verbal. Although D shows interest in what is going on around him, and is able to verbalise some sounds, he is reliant on his care givers to support and interpret his communication. Communication is a major challenge for D and those who care for him, as he often laughs when in pain, D relies on his care givers being observant and reactive to his needs. He requires full support with all personal care tasks, including nappy changes, dressing/undressing as well as requiring assistance with nutrition and fruits via PEG-J. D requires 2 to 1 for all manual handling and physio due to having minimal muscle tone. D is at high risk for skin breakdown and has open wounds that need redressing at nappy changes. D suffers with vacant and unresponsive episodes where he will go floppy, he is also able to roll onto his front but is unable to roll back putting himself at risk, therefore he needs diligent care workers that will respond to his needs, having  one-to-one support at all times. He enjoys attending school Monday – Friday with his care team facilitating the transport to and from school during term time.


About the Family:

D lives at home with his grandma who is his legal guardian in a 2 storey property, that has recently been adapted for D’s Needs. D now has a bedroom and wet room on the ground floor with a ceiling track hoist. Grandma works midweek while D is at school. D has a mobility car that can be driven by any of his family or home care team.


Main duties:

The list below is by no means exhaustive and it is important that the person taking on this role is willing to perform any task which needs to be done in support of D and his family.

• Ensure he is safe at all times, especially ensuring his safety when out of the home environment.

• Dress and undress him

• Change his incontinence pads/nappies as needed

• Assist with showering and/or bathing

• Give medication as prescribed

• Assist with his development through continuity of communication and learning methods used in school

• Engage him in play and activities he enjoys

• Accompany D to and from School in his school transport.

• Take him into the community for short periods, e.g, parks, adventure/soft play, swimming etc

• Assist with household jobs primarily in his bedroom, playroom, bathroom and living area) e.g vacuuming, laundry, putting his clothes away, disinfecting areas etc this is done during the night along with other necessary tasks to  prepare for the day ahead.

• Other duties (as necessary)

• Assist whole family trips out e.g. parks, adventure/soft play, swimming, etc.

• Potentially accompany family on short breaks in the UK (no more than twice per year)

• Perform basic first aid if need arises

• Administer his emergency medication if need arises



Training will be provided in the following areas if necessary;

• First aid/basic life support including the management of choking

• Administering medication

• Enteral feeding via PEG-J

• Moving, handling and positioning.

• Physiotherapy Stretches

• Chest Physiotherapy

• Airway Management

• Epilepsy Awareness

• Communication Skills


Key characteristics/requirements of successful candidate

• Clean FULL UK Driving Licence is mandatory.

• Positive attitude and a desire to work with a young child who has a life limiting condition.

• Be patient when working with D, especially as he likes repetitive games, and ability to work tiring night shifts.

• A willingness to sing nursery rhymes and make sounds he likes.

• Enthusiasm, self motivation and willingness to take on any task.

• Qualification or experience in working with children with special needs is an advantage.

• No Smoking in/around family home or near Client.

Barnsley S73

£14 - £15.50 per hour

Complex Care Personal Assistant

To apply for this position, please take the time to fill out the information below.