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Whirli is one of the best tools I have in my Parenting Toolbox!

A disabled parents secret weapon....

Weekly deliveries of toys with Whirli!

Sometimes I just need time, time to inject (medication!), time to recover, time to feed or time to lie down!

But with a toddler, any of those sometimes seems impossible. But with Whirli, a hours piece is possible!

I lost count of how many times I bought Harrison a new toy before Whirli, to try and peak his interest and give me some time.

But soon enough that new toy isn’t new anymore, and a week later it’s lurking in the bottom of the toy box awaiting its layer of dust to form.

But what if every week could be new toy week for just £16 a month?

We’ve even had new toy day, 3 times in a week! From Wobbel Boards to Building blocks, Super hero’s to Grimms there is literally something for every young child to explore.

You can even hire playmates, bouncers and activity gyms for babies - those things that cost a fortune, but you only use for 6 months!

⭐️ Who is Whirli suitable for?

Whirli is suitable for children from birth to around 7-8 years old.

⭐️ So what is Whirli and what’s it’s cost?

Whirli is a Toy Rental Subscription Service, you pay monthly for, and you can choose just how much you want to pay. You also choose how often you want to swap your toys and choose the exact toy you want to receive from the online catalogue.

£9.99 a month gets you 80 Whirli Tokens

£14.99 a month gets you 120 Whirli Tokens

£19.99 a month gets you 160 Whirli Tokens

£29.99 a month gets you 240 Whirli Tokens

(Whirli tokens are like currency with 1 Whirli token representing £1 in RRP of a toy.)

🌟 Top Tip - get the £6 per month delivery booster if you intend to swap toys more than once a month. Otherwise it’s £3.49 per delivery/return!

(You will never have more than the token pack you select, so if you choose 80 tokens, you wouldn’t be able to take out a Pikler Triangle that costs 200 tokens. You can only ever have 80 tokens or 80 tokens worth of toys.

We started with this package, then moved up within a month as we fell in love with Whirli.)

⭐️ What sort of toys do they stock?

Well, 1000’s! But here’s some of Harrisons Favourites!

💫 Papo Dinosaurs!

💫 Grimms Toys

💫 Wobbel Boards (inc starter, pro & 360)

💫 Toy kitchens, food and shops

💫 Bikes and Balance Bikes

💫 Pikler Triangle

💫 Scooters

💫 Character Toys from frozen, toy storey and super heros

💫 Paddling Pools, Flaots and Slides

💫 Plan Toys

💫 Train Track & Car Tracks

💫 Table Top football & Pinball

💫 Mable Runs & Building Toys

💫 Melissa & Doug

It’s impossible to list them all, but having Whirli, we’ve played with 100’s!

⭐️ Toy Delivery Day

The best bit about Whirli, is that toys are ordered online with your whirli tokens and delivered to your door.

When you’ve finished playing, pop them back in the cotton bag, back in the box and attach the returns label you were provided with on delivery.

Drop them in at your local post office, and choose your next toys online!

⭐️ Swapping Not Shopping

So you choose how much you want to spend.

Say you have chosen 80 Whirli tokens, this means you can have 80 Whirli tokens worth of toys out at ones.

Each toy is worth a different amount of tokens, depending on its retail value.

Once you return the toy, you get your tokens back to spend again.

You can swap toys as much as you like! If you plan to swap your toys more than once a month, like I do, the £6 delivery booster will save you money!

💫 Cleaning, Batteries & Building

With Whirli, everything comes pre built, with batteries installed.

Harrison doesn’t care where his toys come from, but he knows what he likes.

Some toys don’t get a second play, where others get played with every day.

For those toys he plays with for 9 months, they become ours free with tokens returned to spend again.

Or there’s the option to buy the toy for it’s residual value which decreases for each month you have rented it up until it becomes free after 9 months.

Just because we hired the Wobbel Board, Halloween Costume and Marble Run at the same time doesn’t mean they have to be returned together. The Costume can be returned the following week because you can keep each individual toy as long as you like. When you return a toy, you get its token value back to spend again!

For fancy dress costumes, I can just hire one for Halloween, parties, world book day and birthday parties instead of buying one!

Whirli is great for birthdays and Christmas too and really helps to spread the cost!

With items like the Tonie box or Leap Frog Leap Start, you can keep swapping your books and characters meaning you don’t constantly need to buy the next book!

With some toys costing up to £200, how do you know they will like it and play with it before you have it in your home?

And for people like me, it’s just nice to have a new toy day every week, something new to explore when I just need to be at home.

Whirli is one of the best tools in my parenting with a disability tool box!

Visit to see packages and browse toys. Pip Disabled Mum Discount Code: KCKBDK4Q

£5 or 15% off (Whichever is greater)

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