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Welcome to Wellbeing
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The Practical Support Carers asked for!

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Includes 8 Weeks FREE Gym Membership!!

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Apply Here

Tick all that apply

How did you hear about the project?
Who do you care for?
How many Hours a week do you care for someone?
Support Needed in:

This is your application, please give as much information as possible.

How many people do yo care for?

Some Carers may need support at home, with home improvements, adaptions, furniture, bedding, curtains, flooring, gardening, cleaning or de cluttering. 

Please upload up to 3 pictures where you most need support.

Upload Picture
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Participants must commit to attending weekly on a Thursday 12noon-2pm for 8 weeks to receive the support and weekly goody bags.

Can you attend weekly?

Thanks for applying!
Pip will personally go through all applications to allocate the spaces. In the event this project is a success, if you were unsuccessful, you may be contacted to attend the next intake.

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