A PIPSCO food parcel voucher code may have been given to you because:

  • You are self isolating with Covid Symptoms.

  • You are in financial difficulty but shielding.

  • You are physically disabled and can not get to your local food bank.

  • You have a mental health condition that prevents you going to a food bank.

Delivered on referral 

Section 1 - Claiming your voucher

To claim your voucher, please fill in the form on this page.
Firstly enter the voucher code you have been given and selct the referring agency (who gave you the voucher)

On the second page we ask for your personal details.

Section 2 - Personal Details
ADDRESS - so we know where to deliver your parcel
CONTACT NUMBER - So our volunteer driver can contact you when delivering your parcel.
EMAIL ADDRESS - You'll get a confirmation that we have received your request and details of when we will be able to make delivery.

NUMBER OF HOUSEHOLD MEMBERS / AGE & GENDER OF CHILDREN - We aim to provide enough food for the full household for at least 3 days so its important we know how many people live in your household. If you provide the age and gender of children in your houshold we may supply treats and brand new, age appropriate reading books, FREE!
Section 3 - Personalise Your Food Parcel

Dietary Needs - Please add any dietary needs so we can personalise your food parcel.

Choose the items you require by ticking the boxes.
(each food parcel contains the same amount of items, so letting us know which items you need, means we can include more of those items.

Food Parcel Referral

Please fill out this contact form if you have received a


Enter the voucher code you have been given below. 

Referring Agency


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