Available for residents living in Teesside, UK. 

(For families living outside of Teesside but within the North East, please message me to confirm that the visit can take place. An extra mileage charge for families outside of Teesside may be added.)

We Caught Santa!!
Santa visits while your children sleep on Christmas Eve. But wait... there’s a noise downstairs, the faintest jingle of a bell.... could it be Santa? 

The children jump out of bed and fly out onto the landing. It is him! He’s there emptying all the presents from his sack and placing them under the tree!! 

What a memorable and enchanting surprise for them to wake up in the middle of the night and catch Santa leaving gifts for them. 

Share a mince pie and snap a few photos before Santa has to leave to finish delivering gifts to the rest of the world. 

He forgets his huge crimson sack, that can be kept as a reminder of the experience for years to come.  

A full parental briefing will take place before the visit to enable the visit to be completely bespoke. 
Someone may have said to a young child that Santa doesn’t exist, older children may be questioning or trying to ‘trap’ Santa. 
Or you may want to create magical Christmas memories of that year you caught Santa, that your children talk about for years to come. 
It may be a visit for just the older children, while their younger siblings are sound asleep. 

**Government Guidelines will be taken into account on whether Santa can work in your home. 
Social distancing must be maintained. 
If the visit can not take place due to Covid19, a full refund will be made.**

Only six "Caught" visits are available between 9pm and 3am (approx 20 minutes).

We CAUGHT Santa!