Virtual Visit From Santa! 

Relax in the safety and warmth of your own home while connecting with Santa at the North Pole! 

All private video chats take place on Zoom. 

Once you have booked, please download the free zoom app on the device you wish to speak to Santa on. 

Please add a note during checkout with all children’s names and at least 1 fact about each child. This could be their best friends name or something they have done well. 

Each video chat lasts approximately 5 Minutes. 
If you have a large family, consider booking more than 1 for a longer time slot. 
We find that 5minutes is usually ample for 1-3 children unless they have lots of questions! 

You will receive an email from zoom at least 48 hours before your meeting with Santa which will confirm your time slot. 

Please make sure you are logged in 5 minutes before your appointment time. 
You will wait in a virtual waiting room until Santa connects you. 

If the child is shy, conversation doesn’t occur naturally or is over too quickly, Santa will ask the children for help on Christmas eve. Asking them to take part in the worldwide Christmas jingle at 6pm standing outside their home ringing bells.

(Santas Letters & Jingle Bell Kits available on another product listing at £3 each child plus postage. Bespoke Santa letters also available to purchase.) 

A parent MUST be in the same room as the child while the child is on video chat to Santa. 

If you are late for your meeting with Santa, you may have a reduced amount of time. 
If you miss the appointment with Santa, although we will try our best to reschedule, it may not be possible. 
Missed Visits are non refundable. 

Virtual Bespoke Santa Visit! - Christmas Eve Morning