Our Completely Bespoke Santa Letter 
Allows you to provide all the text- up-to 400 words!

This listing also includes theJingle Stick Craft with instructions on the back of the letter. 

Although there isn’t a limit on the children’s names added on this letter, please make sure you select the listing that contains enough Jingle Stick Crafts for all children. You may wish to select a listing that has less jingle stick craft kits if your family includes a baby or toddler who won’t be taking part in the jingle stick craft.

A bespoke letter without jingle stick craft is available on another listing. 

Once you have placed an order, please email pipdisabledmum@gmail.com 
subject: your order number
With your 400 words including children’s names.
(And adults names if you wish)

Bespoke Santa Letter - Provide upto 400 Words - 6 x Jingle Stick Craft