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(For Families in financial difficulty )

Our Meal Packs contain everything a family needs to cook a meal for their family. Unlike other free food services, we provide the meat, and every ingredient for the meal from a tablespoon of butter to a dash of oil!

We supply each family with at least 3 meal packs from:

⭐️ Spaghetti Bolognese

⭐️ Beef Stew Pack

⭐️ Sausage Casserole

⭐️ Spam Hash

⭐️ Tuna Pasta Bake

We also include the recipe! By teaching a family to cook a cheap meal from scratch, we leave a lasting skill with the family. In the future they will be able to shop for the Ingredients and cook the meals we provided recipes for again and again.

Without my followers and community, this wouldn’t be possible. Its all of the people who have donated and volunteered for the project that keep us running. Without money to buy food, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do, and for as long as we have the finances to continue, we will.

Our food parcels also contain:

⭐️ Fresh Milk

⭐️ Cereal and/or porridge

⭐️ Tea/Coffee/Sugar

⭐️ 3 Bin Bags, Cloth, Washing Up Liquid & Alcohol Gel

⭐️ A selection of Food for Lunch.

⭐️ Fresh Fruit

⭐️ Reading Books for Children

We also help with:

⭐️ Period Products

⭐️ Baby Products

And make the relevant adaptions for allergies, intolerances, beliefs and religious requirements.

This new style food parcel makes sure families have everything they need to make nutritional home cooked meals.

Without leaving them wondering what they can make from a box of tins!


Can you help Families with Food, by supporting our community project?

With more requests for emergency food parcels coming from citizens advice, professionals and local councillors PIPSCO desperately needs some more help providing families with nutritious food.

To donate

PayPal Money Pool (no charge to us)

Go Fund me

If you can’t donate, please consider sharing this post to help us reach a wider audience.

Pip xx

Heres two of our volunteers on the job...

Liam Thomson - A Volunteer Shopper

Judy Williams - A Volunteer Delivery Driver & Shopper

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How can I look at getting one for a friend please

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