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John Harris - Economy tanks, can you help.

This morning many people have read John Harris’ article encouraging readers to help the many people being plummeted into financial hardship for the first time.

From first starting our community project PIPSCO, I have been overwhelmed by the amount of people in our community that have donated, given their time and knowledge to the project.

PIPSCO is not a CIC, or Charity and no one is paid. We are a diverse group of Volunteers running a community project for the good of our community.

Through referrals from Citizens advice, MIND, Ward Councillors, Health and Social care professionals we send out a food parcels within 24 hours to those in need. Most reaching their destination within 4 hours!

PICTURE - One of our food parcels

How amazing is that!

Here in Teesside our community is diverse, and I’ve learnt alot in the last 3 months about dietary needs of people with different health conditions, allergies and religions.

We help people and families that have suffered financial hardship before, and people that are experiencing financial hardship for the first time.

PICTURE: Our Spare Bedroom Food Store

We are also helping other community projects get off the ground - because more help is needed. As we rely on public donations and we run the project from my spare bedroom store room, there’s a limit to the amount of food parcels we can put together each day and week. By supporting other existing projects, and new projects we can support more people within our communities.

Other projects we support are:

⭐️ JB Kabuye - Ubuntu Multicultural Centre CIC

⭐️ Mark Horkan - The White Feather Project ⭐️ Sahida Ditta - Community Support Group

⭐️ Susan Gill - Homeless Project

⭐️ Helen Daggett - Freebies Teesside & Surrounding Communities ⭐️ Tonia Nixon - Tees

⭐️ Vegan Food Bank North East England

We are always happy to help new projects start up, as we are seeing demand for our service increase week on week. We share volunteers, resources and donations to make sure every item goes to families in need.

PICTURE - a donation of milk shared between 6 projects & charities.

We deliver food parcels to the door step of people with covid symptom, where going to a food bank would put others at risk. We deliver to shielding families and families with disabilities who can’t access food banks, or where doing so would cause a great deal of phycological distress. As a disabled parent, I know how little support there is out there, so although my website has only been published for a week, I hope it will become a hub of information and support. Through subscribers we can build a network of support, not only on Teesside but throughout the UK. For people from all backgrounds, whatever their beliefs and their condition, to help them through their parenting journey.

Disability isn’t an exclusive club, anyone can become disabled, be diagnosed with a health condition or experience Mental Health problems at any point in their lives. Every parent is welcome here, and through subscribers we can start to build a beautiful network of support.


If you’d like to donate to our PIPSCO Food Parcel project, we have a PayPal money pool:

Or our gofundme me:

As always, thank you for reading,

Pip xx

P.S To read John Harris‘ article in the Guardian, the link is below:

PICTURE: Meal Packs ready for Meat and Fresh ingredients to be added. Each parcel contains at least 3 main meals with recipe to enable families to cook a nutritious meal. Vegetarian & Vegan items can also be provided.

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