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Bear Building @ Home from only £3 - Closing my Little Bear Boutique!


🐻 🐻 In my massive closing down sale! 🐻 🐻

From Pip & Harrison’s Bear Boutique

As the majority of my followers on Pip - Disabled Mum are disabled parents, I’ve decided to release all my stock on my Facebook Page at a massive discount to help other disabled parents.

🚚 📦 Posted within the UK only £6 📦 🚚

(Up to 8 items - £10 for more than 8 items)


These bears are being sold at, in most cases less than wholesale! I want them to go to children, as lockdown has been so incredibly hard on so many families.

In the last 2 months I’ve made the decision that I want to be ‘Pip - Disabled Mum’ full time!  

There are so many projects and campaigns that I feel are hugely important to the community of people living with disabilities. Being a Disability Activist is my calling, and I want to give it my all.

So I’ve made the decision to close our little family business @Pip & Harrisons Bear Boutique

Our stock will be sold at up to a massive 50% off!

With some bear building kits selling at only £3 each!

Which I’m hoping will make Bear Building a lot more affordable to families.

I will be going live at 8pm most Saturdays and Sundays nights over the next month, with a limited number of bears and bear clothes for sale at each live.

Comment to reserve your chosen bears & clothes and pay by10.30pm. P&P needs to be paid on top - £6 for up to 8 items - £10 for more than 8 items.

I’d like my bears to go to as many families as possible, so will not consider offers in bulk to people looking to resell.

I will sell in bulk for your own child’s birthday party - where these are being done over video call/zoom ect .  

I will also sell to Girlguiding and other youth groups. Please attend the sale and comment to buy the number you require with your unit name.

10” Rainbow Bears and Owls won’t appear in the sale to last - but are still on sale at the discounted rate of £5.50 each for Guiding Groups - message Pip & Harrison’s Bear Boutique to order these.

Our bears don’t require sewing, so are a fun and easy activity for kids!

I will show you how to stuff and close your bear in our live video 🙂

This is a great opportunity for families that can’t afford high street prices for building bears, with our stock being sold from only £3 per bear kit!

Our bear clothes & accessories will also be sold at a huge discount from 50p to £6!

We have hundreds of bears and bear clothes currently in stock, which will all be sold at a massive discount over the next month or two!

Join me live at 8pm Saturdays & SundayS for our massive sales!

Please do share with friends that would be interested.

Lockdown has been so hard on families, so I hope our bear building activity packs will raise lots and lots of smiles!

Pip xx

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