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Living in a TS Postcode


Someone living in your household (Adult or Child) as a disability, Long Term Health Condition,  a Mental Health Condition or is Neurodiverse.

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Can you help a local family? 

Below, you can purchase something a local family needs, from food to clothing, a birthday present to a take away treat, you can make a real difference to someone's life.

Or can you donate 2nd hand items you no longer need?

Children in Indoor Playground

sponsor Tees Valley Child

Can you sponsor a child living within the Tees Valley?

Your weekly sponsorship could allow a child to join scouts, take up gymnastics, go out with their friends or buy things they need for school/collage.

A one off grant could allow a child to attend a school trip, to have their first birthday party or buy something they need.

From January 2022

Support Local Families - Items to Purchase
(That will be gifted to a local family in need)

Food & Drink Packs