Halloween Party @ Home!

Sunday 31st October @ 1pm


We are looking for primary school age children living in Middlesbrough that would like to join us for a fun filled Halloween themed afternoon! 


Our Virtual Halloween event is free to attend, with applications to take part being made online below. 


70 children will receive a party box, to be opened when instructed at the virtual party. The box will include all materials needed to join in with the activities, games and crafts during the party. 


Children should take part with an adult available to assist with the activities.  

Children may take part in Halloween fancy dress if they wish too.  

Children should not be forced to take part in all of the virtual party activities, children can choose which activities they do, they can watch, dance, run around or just sit and enjoy being part of the event. 


Who can apply? 

⭐️ Families can nominate children who are of primary school age. 

⭐️ Living in Middlesbrough 

⭐️ Impacted by disability, long term illness, mental health or Neurodiversity. 


We would like to invite children who arn’t invited to parties, or can’t go trick or treating to take part in our virtual Halloween event! 


If your application to take part is successful, you’ll receive a delivery of a Halloween Activity Party Pack before the party. 

Parents should store this somewhere safe until the party on Sunday 31st October at 1pm. 

When the zoom party starts, we will ask if every child has their party box, and open them together! Each activity will be colour coded, so children can follow the directions of the host to do each game or activity (with the help of their adult). 


We hope to see you soon for an awesome virtual Halloween party! 


Funding provided by Middlesbrough Council. 

Pip Disabled Mum is supported as an activist by Teesside Community Action Group. 



Would you like to put your family forward for our Halloween Party?

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