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Do something AMAZING...
Fund a Community Project!

Are you an individual, company or organisation that would like to make a difference in your community?
Would you like to make a difference in memory of someone?
Would you like to help people living on Teesside or within the wider Tees Valley area?
Then please do read on to find out how you can sponsor your very own community project....

Fund a
Community Project
Support your community and impact lives with a one-off donation
Select a Project (£)

Thank you for helping us make a difference! We will be in touch about your Community Project!

Value for money:
Every £ counts, so you wont find Pip in a retail store filling trollies full of good at retail prices.
We buy most resources for community projects at a discounted rate, buy using charitable networks, wholesalers and stock clearances. 

For example, Christmas 2022 we gave away 100's of dressing gowns.  The retail value was approximately 3-4 times the £3 we paid.  This meant we could give gifts to so many more children. 

Types of Projects: 
Pip has 5 main types of community projects, each with the same goal - helping people or families that are struggling. It could be due to disability, health, terminal illness or trauma.
The amount of support given, or size of the gift given during a project is dictated by the funding and the costs of resources/gifts to carry out the project.

Listed below are the 5 main types of project, with examples of what Pip has achieved with a similar amount of funding.

Ultimately you can choose who to support and which area they live.
You can choose to give support to families, carers, vulnerable adults or children.
You can choose to support people living across the Tees Valley, on Teesside, in Middlesbrough, Stockton or Redcar & Cleveland.


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