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How you can help ....

If you can donate - you can change a life. 

Cash donations allow me to buy things individuals or families need in bulk - or find the best deal possible.

Every £ is extremely valuable.
For example, at Christmas I managed to buy 100's of quality dressing gowns at the average cost of £3 each!
Helping 100's of families keep warm during winter.

Paypay Donate Now.PNG

You could buy an item from the
Pip Disabled Mum Amazon Wishlist. All items I would love to give to an individual or family in need. 

Some families may need short term support following an accident, injury or period of ill health. 

Donating the cost of a cleaner, gardener or home help could have a huge impact on their life. Helping families or individuals get back on track.

Donate to provide a service....

Donate to provide something that's needed....

Donate a Christmas or Birthday Gift ....

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